Friday, July 22, 2011

This Was After Four Glasses of Wine

Set the stage:

We're back at where we lived summers at our beach cottage. Many old friends that I've known all my life along with new friends here at the beach are making it like old home week. It's a small beach community on the CT shore. Mostly "New Englandy" style cottages and year round homes. My great grandfather built our beach cottage and it was in the family until about 12 years ago so we go way back on the Point.

Many afternoons lead into early evening and we are still on the beach. Tonight there were about a dozen of us with everyone contributing to happy hour that lasted for about 3 hours. After the big box of wine, people went up to raid their refrigerators for more wine. We had a spread from cheese and crackers to shrimp cocktail.

One of the friends' guest had her paddle board and most everyone was taking a turn on it. Natalia and Tami took right to it. After everyone had had their turns (and after my 4th glass of wine), I decided that I should try it as the next to the oldest on the beach. Well, I got up on my feet and paddled around before deciding it was time to paddle while kneeling. I never fell off so I'd say I am a cool grandma.

Enjoy the video.

Natalia took to it much more quickly; unfortunately I can't video of her to upload right now. More to come in the next days!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Muscovites arrived two weeks ago and it's been so busy and hectic.

Last week Katya and I went to NYC for 4 days of jam packed tourist sightseeing. Wonderful time. Going with her is so special and she has such an interest in anything dealing with American history, science or intellectual that it is fun taking her to all the places and seeing her soak it all in.

The highlights of Ellis Island was when Katya found her great grandparents' names engraved on the wall. They came together from Holland and Germany as newlyweds to start their lives here in the great US of A. I took several pictures of their names.

Katya went off to overnight camp last Sunday for two weeks. She just loves it at camp and could not wait to go. This is her second summer there. I went for many summers there as did my father. Legacy! Natalia will join her sister there next summer and my daughter will have some well deserved time to herself.

The two cars are PACKED to the gill with everything but the kitchen sink. I even brought a small air conditioner. We are off to the beach. Tami rented a cottage for two weeks. I'll be there for the first week and then go back for the last night. My SIL arrives on the 22nd so he'll have a full week there with them. They get Katya from camp next Saturday morning so she'll have her week at the beach too. This is the same beach where my family had a beachfront cottage since my great grandfather built it. Unfortunately it was sold about 12 years ago.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Aliens have landed! Stranger things have happened... Such as a PHOTO—no, make that TWO PHOTOS—appearing in this blog!

Here's a guest post by the daughter with the camera... These two are so darn adorable together... They're now snuggled up while we read...

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Big Apple

Grandma Streusel (moi) and Katya are off in the early AM to NYC for 4 days of sightseeing.