Sunday, April 17, 2011

You Know You're In New England

It's spring (or suppose to be) here in CT. Monday it was almost 80 and yesterday it has to be in the 40's, damp, raw and really icky. The rain started in the late afternoon and it was miserable. It was nice to get back home after being out all afternoon doing errands. Loading and unloading the groceries in the rain was not fun. Today I woke up to full sun. Staying in bed and reading was so nice with the sun streaming in my east window. It still did not lure me to get up early as I love to read in bed on weekends. I had a nice surprise when I went out the front door the first time with the dog as it was actually warm. I filled the clothesline with laundry and it flapped in the wind all afternoon. I'm looking forward to those clean, crisp sheets tonight. Cold, damp and wet on Saturday and gorgeous, warm and sunny day. It is just as Mark Twain said New England about weather. P.S. For some reason, this blog won't now let me put in paragraphs.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Daughter Was Wrong.

This year my daughter told me that 60 was the new 50. Maybe it works if you're 60 but not if you're a few weeks shy of turning 64. Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day here in CT so I went out to pick up fallen twigs and branches on the grass from the winter storms. Bending, bending and more bending. Then I cleared the leaves from my perennial beds out by the road as my neighbor across the street's yard never was cleaned in the fall (happens every year). Guess where her leaves ended up? That could be another posting. My perennial beds look great, all the spring bulbs are popping up and perennials are poking through. Love this time of year. There aren't as many spring bulbs coming up as I planted last year thanks to the moles and voles. They have killed a lot of my grass too. Last night I popped a couple of Advil as I was stiff. Yup, 63 and holding is definitely not the new 50.