Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Katya

It's the eve of my grandaughter's 12th birthday which is a turning year as next Sept. 3, she'll be a teenager. As I look back and reflect, I wonder how those 12 years have flown by so quickly. Gone are the: chubby, smiling baby early talking toddler inquisitive preschooler elementary schooler that loved everything American Girl middle schooler that loves school and learning Now she is in junior high (or it would be called that here at home in the US). She still has her beautiful smile, is inquisitive and articulate and loves school and learning. She has moved on from her American Girl days but hopefully one day she'll have a daughter to enjoy them with again. Now she is a songwriter and plays the guitar while singing her own compositions. She even took part in a recital at the Irish Embassy this past spring. It will be exciting to see her grow, mature and explore in the years ahead. Happy Birthday Katya! Love from Grandma Streusel