Thursday, February 7, 2013

Preparing For Blizzard Charlotte

Last fall we kept hearing about the hurricane that was going to hit CT and preparations went into gear. I made sure that everything outside was put in the cellar from the summer,my gas grill was covered and that covered was tied down. The car was filled up, a new flashlight was bought, the oil lamps were taken out, candles and candle holders were put on the kitchen table, everything was washed, a hughe plastic bin was filled with water in the first floor bathroom, buckets were filled with water for the second floor bathroom, several cases of water bottles were bought along with food that didn't need heating or refrigeration and I filled lots of Tupperware containers for the kitchen counter. Well it all was not needed - THANKFULLY. Now it's several months later and we are in the storm preparation mode again here in CT. I will be hoarding water and filling up containers tomorrow, I've been to the grocery store and Petco for the dog, the car is filled and backed in close to the house for when I'm plowed, I've spoken with the man that plows my driveway, the oil lamps, candles and flashlight will be on the kitchen table. To add to it all, I've been home sick this week so I do a little at a time. I sure hope it's like the fall and all for nothing!!!!