Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What happened?

During the years that my daughter was growing up, my house was super decorated for the Christmas season and I started around 8:00 AM the day after Thanksgiving. I was at it until bedtime. Then the following week I cut fresh greens, made table centerpieces, swags for our two doors and the couple next door.

I made all of the teacher gifts and I don't just mean for one or two teachers. My daughter had gifts for every teacher she had, the school custodian, receptionist and ice skating pros she took lessons from. It took two of us to carry in all the gifts to school the last day before vacation.

Some years I also made quite a few of the presents I gave - like hand knit sweaters for my mother and MIL or crewel handbags. Add to this all the decorations I sewed or crafted for the house, Christmas tree and gifts.

Every December I hosted at least one dinner party and one or two ladies' luncheons complete with china and silver in the dining room. My family came to our house on the 25th for an elegant dinner with turkey, 5 or 6 fancy veggie dishes and 3 or 4 desserts.

It wasn't the holidays without the green cream cheese spritz cookies that I made shaped like wreaths with red cinnamon candies to decorate them. I also made sugar cookies and some years I was part of large cookie swaps so made LOTS of both cookies. Many people received my cookies as gifts along with what else I made for them. One year when my daughter was in college and overseas for the holidays, I baked the cookies in early October and mailed them (which would take about 6 weeks) so she'd have them like she did every Christmas.

My dining room table was set the weekend before Christmas and several days ahead I started cooking. By the night of the 23rd, I was prepared as we were up early on the 24th, lunch and cocoa was made and the car was packed with our skis, clothing and lunch and we headed off to Butternut Basin in the Berkshires for a day on the slopes. It was a wonderful day to ski as hardly anyone was there. One year we shared a table with another family and shared my Christmas cookies with them as she didn't bake them as they were Jewish.

After a fun day skiing, we'd come home, shower and get on nice holiday clothes and sit down to our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of chili followed by a Friendly ice cream holiday log sitting at the kitchen table but set with Christmas china. Once the dishes were done, it was picture time before we changed into jammies and sat by the tree and opened some gifts from each other and friends.

The next morning we came down to find that Santa had been and opened those gifts. He filled our stockings and also left presents. My mother, aunt and family would come around noon and we had our holiday dinner. Once we rolled into the living room after all the food, we exchanged gifts and just visited before they all left around 6:00. We all changed back into jammies and my ex and I would hand wash and dry all the china, silver flatware, silver stemware and serving pieces. Big job but well worth it.

Now to what is going on this year. How come it's only a few days until Christmas and I have not finished shopping or wrapping? I don't do all the stuff I did years ago and I am still not ready for the 24th. My fall yard prep for winter was delayed because of Storm Alfred on 10/29 and I was working with clean-up until a week ago with twigs and leaves. I have never been so behind as this year - it's just not who I am. Being very busy at work adds to it as I am tired at night. This week I've been busy evenings as it's getting down to the wire with only tomorrow to get things done as I'm out Friday night. Guess I'll be up early Saturday morning.

Annie emailed me that I need to blog more so Annie, this ones for you.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Natalia!

Tomorrow you are turning 9!

When your mom told me she was pregnant, I thought about it for a bit and said it would be really nice if the baby were a boy since she had a girl. Deep down though I was hoping for another girl. Of course the main thing was that the baby was healthly. You gave us all (and especially your mom) some concern but further tests showed that you were fine.

I was anxious to meet you and couldn't wait for you to be born. You were due a few days into January but were going to be born on December 26th. When you mom called me at work on Friday the 13th and told me she was in labor, the first thing out of my mouth was, "You can't be having a baby today as I have the week after Christmas off." Your mother told me that was too bad but you were on your way. The plan had been that I would bring your sister home with me after Christmas and keep her for the week so your mom could have you, come home and have alone time with you. You had other plans.

I was on pins and needles and watched the phone waiting for a call that you'd been born and all was well.

I packed up the car that night and Streusel and I were on the road around 6:00 AM the next morning. I think your father was surprised to see us so early. Your sister was sitting on the living room rug watching TV with a spilled yoghurt. I got her bathed and dressed, put Streusel in her crate and off we went later in the morning to meet you and see your mother.

You were just perfect!

Happy 9th birthday Little Boo!!!!


Grandma Streusel

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Friends Forever

Think back to college days and your friends/roommates. Many good times through living together, talking, listening, helping, quiet times, happy hours, wild times, adventures to Ft. Lauderdale during semester break (more wild times), boyfriends, break-ups with boyfriends, sharing thoughts, studying and then graduation hits.

Many of us go our separate ways and the years go by. We keep in touch but not as often as we should. Our lives change. I married first and my daughter was 10 when they each had a baby.

This past weekend the 3 of us spent time together in Saratoga Springs at one of our houses. It was like being back together when we lived in the college dorm and after college in an apartment when we were new to the work force. After I married, they continued to live together for a few years until one of them ventured off to the lures of Vail.

We were all together at my daughter's wedding 15 years ago but you know how that is. I was not able to spend time with them as I was kinda busy visiting with all the guests. The last time we were all together before that was probably in 1988 when their kids were 5 and 6 and mine was 16. We vowed this weekend that we will not let the years slip by and we will get together regularly. Claire will come to CT in January after the holidays and we'll spend time laughing and talking again.

When you have close friends, you pick right up where you left off - friends forever!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday Katya!

Eleven years ago you were born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and you made me a grandma!

Let's go back to 8 months before that. I was out doing my annual day after Xmas shopping and came home to a message from your mom to call her. When I did, she gave me the big news that she was pregnant. I was jumping all around the kitchen as I was so excited and thrilled! She'd bought an at home pregnancy kit and it showed that she was. Back I went to Lord & Taylor the next night after work and bought two gingham Xmas stockings - one in pink and one in blue. Now the wait began.

I started unisex baby shopping immediately but had to wait another 4 months to get her call at work telling me, "It's a GIRL?" I think the whole dept. heard my screams of joy! I had been hoping, hoping, hoping for a granddaughter. Now the baby girl shopping and knitting began.

When I next saw your mother, it was about 2 months before you were born. I picked her up at the train from NYC and my eyes bulged out as she was BIG! Last time I'd seen her, she was a size 5.

We had a fun summer talking about the baby and the baby shower I gave her in one of the historic buildings at Miss Porter's School and soon it came to an end. The night before the shower your father had to take her to the emergency room with pains. Of course her being in a limbo contest while teaching ALPS at Dartmouth a few weeks earlier did not help. I told her I was having the shower with or without her as I'd paid the rental for the building and spent over $300 at the grocery store for food and had done lots of cooking. Fortunately it was a false call and they returned from the ER (after the doctor gave her a lecture about doing the limbo in her late state of pregnancy).

She flew back to Michigan the day after the shower and it was the last day she could fly according to the doctor.

I was getting nervous the last month and called her daily. Bet that doesn't surprise you. When you were born, it was so exciting and I couldn't wait to see pictures. Mom and Dad emailed them to me. You were a gorgeous baby with blond hair, blue eyes and perfect skin (and all the necessary parts). You came home in a white smocked dress I'd bought for you. See, I started with those smocked dresses from Day One. You also wore a baby blue fancy sweater that I had knit when I was pregnant with her.

Originally I was suppose to fly out a few days after your birth but I was sick all week and home from work with a sinus infection and bronchitis. I delayed my flight a week. I thought your father would come for me at the airport and what a surprise to also see your mom there pushing you in the stroller. I just looked at you in the airport and car as I didn't want to touch you until I washed and changed my clothes from the trip.

My stay was full of holding you, rocking you, taking you for walks, doing laundry (lots of it), cooking, etc. I hated to say goodbye to you but the trip came to an end.

I've loved every stage you've grown through and am so proud to be your grandma. You are a bright, lovely, talented girl and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you.

Friday, July 22, 2011

This Was After Four Glasses of Wine

Set the stage:

We're back at where we lived summers at our beach cottage. Many old friends that I've known all my life along with new friends here at the beach are making it like old home week. It's a small beach community on the CT shore. Mostly "New Englandy" style cottages and year round homes. My great grandfather built our beach cottage and it was in the family until about 12 years ago so we go way back on the Point.

Many afternoons lead into early evening and we are still on the beach. Tonight there were about a dozen of us with everyone contributing to happy hour that lasted for about 3 hours. After the big box of wine, people went up to raid their refrigerators for more wine. We had a spread from cheese and crackers to shrimp cocktail.

One of the friends' guest had her paddle board and most everyone was taking a turn on it. Natalia and Tami took right to it. After everyone had had their turns (and after my 4th glass of wine), I decided that I should try it as the next to the oldest on the beach. Well, I got up on my feet and paddled around before deciding it was time to paddle while kneeling. I never fell off so I'd say I am a cool grandma.

Enjoy the video.

Natalia took to it much more quickly; unfortunately I can't video of her to upload right now. More to come in the next days!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Muscovites arrived two weeks ago and it's been so busy and hectic.

Last week Katya and I went to NYC for 4 days of jam packed tourist sightseeing. Wonderful time. Going with her is so special and she has such an interest in anything dealing with American history, science or intellectual that it is fun taking her to all the places and seeing her soak it all in.

The highlights of Ellis Island was when Katya found her great grandparents' names engraved on the wall. They came together from Holland and Germany as newlyweds to start their lives here in the great US of A. I took several pictures of their names.

Katya went off to overnight camp last Sunday for two weeks. She just loves it at camp and could not wait to go. This is her second summer there. I went for many summers there as did my father. Legacy! Natalia will join her sister there next summer and my daughter will have some well deserved time to herself.

The two cars are PACKED to the gill with everything but the kitchen sink. I even brought a small air conditioner. We are off to the beach. Tami rented a cottage for two weeks. I'll be there for the first week and then go back for the last night. My SIL arrives on the 22nd so he'll have a full week there with them. They get Katya from camp next Saturday morning so she'll have her week at the beach too. This is the same beach where my family had a beachfront cottage since my great grandfather built it. Unfortunately it was sold about 12 years ago.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Aliens have landed! Stranger things have happened... Such as a PHOTO—no, make that TWO PHOTOS—appearing in this blog!

Here's a guest post by the daughter with the camera... These two are so darn adorable together... They're now snuggled up while we read...

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Big Apple

Grandma Streusel (moi) and Katya are off in the early AM to NYC for 4 days of sightseeing.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

What I've been up to....

  • Weeding

  • Planting

  • Transplanting

  • Shoveling mulch into the wheelbarrel and them spreading it in perennials beds and shrub beds

  • Cleaning

  • Sweating big time

  • Taking 2 Advil after the above

  • Cleaning

  • Why you ask? The Muscovites arrive on Friday night!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

H & H

I hate heat and humidity and it's due to be 97 today and 100 tomorrow. Not my thing. Give me the weather we had on Saturday asI loved it. It was in the high 70's or low 80's, dry air, full sun and always a good breeze - perfect. Guess I'll be staying inside the next few days in the A/C.

Thank you to the person that invented A/C. He/she was probably like me and hated heat and humidity.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Hate Paperwork!

In my former life, my kitchen counters never had paperwork collecting or stuff! Well, that changed. Finally today I had no excuse as it was a damp, overcast day and not conducive to being outside reading or doing anything so I had no excuse.

I got a late start as I gave myself the AM to read in bed (and also catnap a little). It's my favorite thing to do on Sunday mornings.

This afternoon I had no excuse to not tackle it and it's one less thing I have to do in a month before the Muscovites fly in. I was at it all afternoon. Have tons of stuff for shredding and also filled a plastic bag from the grocery store with paperwork to toss.

Each time I vow that it's the last time and that I'll handle paperwork as it comes and well you know how that goes. This time WILL BE DIFFERENT!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Perfect Spring 10

Today was one of those 10 best days. Since I hate heat and humidity, I judged it so. The sun was shinning and warm, there was just a slight breeze from time to time and it was warm enough to just be in a tee shirt w/o a sweatshirt while in the sun.

Decisions, decisions, decisions - pull of the rope hammock and curl up for the afternoon with my thick book or be on the deck reading so Liesel could be outside with me. The deck it was.

I did two loads of laundry and watched them flap on the line after planting pots of gone by daffodils and purple hyacinths.

Topped it off with a walk around the neighborhood with Liesel, chatted with neighbors and their dogs and then barbecued.

A perfect weekend day IMO!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

You Know You're In New England

It's spring (or suppose to be) here in CT. Monday it was almost 80 and yesterday it has to be in the 40's, damp, raw and really icky. The rain started in the late afternoon and it was miserable. It was nice to get back home after being out all afternoon doing errands. Loading and unloading the groceries in the rain was not fun. Today I woke up to full sun. Staying in bed and reading was so nice with the sun streaming in my east window. It still did not lure me to get up early as I love to read in bed on weekends. I had a nice surprise when I went out the front door the first time with the dog as it was actually warm. I filled the clothesline with laundry and it flapped in the wind all afternoon. I'm looking forward to those clean, crisp sheets tonight. Cold, damp and wet on Saturday and gorgeous, warm and sunny day. It is just as Mark Twain said New England about weather. P.S. For some reason, this blog won't now let me put in paragraphs.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Daughter Was Wrong.

This year my daughter told me that 60 was the new 50. Maybe it works if you're 60 but not if you're a few weeks shy of turning 64. Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day here in CT so I went out to pick up fallen twigs and branches on the grass from the winter storms. Bending, bending and more bending. Then I cleared the leaves from my perennial beds out by the road as my neighbor across the street's yard never was cleaned in the fall (happens every year). Guess where her leaves ended up? That could be another posting. My perennial beds look great, all the spring bulbs are popping up and perennials are poking through. Love this time of year. There aren't as many spring bulbs coming up as I planted last year thanks to the moles and voles. They have killed a lot of my grass too. Last night I popped a couple of Advil as I was stiff. Yup, 63 and holding is definitely not the new 50.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mechanical Problem - No Flight

Picture mechanical problem with the plane and sitting in the plane for 3 hours. Then move on to 3 hours in line in the terminal to change flights (and no bathroom around). At least the airline put them up for free at the airport hotel. Unfortunately they didn't have their bathing suits for the hotel pool. They have to be back at the airport at 7:30 for a flight to Europe and then on to New England. They'll land in the midst of a lovely end of March snowstorm so I hope they'll get a hotel room at that airport and drive to me the next day after the snow ends. Of course I'm disappointed but am thankful the mechanical problem was found while the plane was checked before the flight. It means less time with Tami and Natalia but we'll make the best of it when they get here. They're safe in a nice hotel and it's free.

Meanwhile I'm on PTO so will go off to scrapbook tomorrow. Can't waste a precious PTO day.

Monday, March 21, 2011

When my alarm goes off tomorrow morning...

Half of my Muscovites will be flying West to my house!!!!! I can't wait. Maybe I'd better take a little something so I can sleep tonight as I am so excited.....

House is clean, groceries are bought (all the favorites), hair is cut and I splurged and had it colored and highlighted tonight and Liesel is bathed and had her pedicure. We're ready!!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I'm washing my dishes from making popovers and I hear a crunching. Liesel in on her mat and I figured she had a chew toy. I go closer and it's my lipgloss. One end is pink and one is a red. Thankfully the red was not completely opened. Now to get it out of her mouth. I grabbed the red end (pink end was gone) and she held on. Once her feet were off the ground, she let go. My left hand was now all smeared with the red lipgloss. I picked up the chewed plastic pieces from the pink end and threw everything away. Where did she get this you are wondering? She stuck her long snout in my snapped pocketbook hanging on the closet door. She is sooooo naughtly and such a chewer.

P.S. She's in rare form tonight. I just saw her run down the hall to the den so I figured I should check on her. She'd been in my pocketbook again and took out my new lipgloss from the dentist which I only got 3 hours ago. She had the cap off and some of it was dug out. She must really have dry lips tonight.


The snow is almost gone in my yard but for the big pile at the end of the driveway from the plow. Thursday it's going to be 60 and 68 on Friday. Spring is coming to CT. Yeah!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Guess who's coming?

The Muscovites recently decided to come and they arrive in a little over a week. This is months ahead of the normal summer visit so I need to do some serious cleaning. Big plans were for getting the upstairs done today but..... There's always tomorrow.

I can't wait to see them!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am sick listening to the CBS Evening News about the coverage of the US Supreme Court's upholding protestors' rights to demonstrate outside the funerals of our fallen US soldiers who gave their lives while serving our country while proudly wearing the uniform of our armed forces. This is just horrible and I am sickened and so upset hearing this. How must the loved ones' families and friends feel? Not only do they have to live without their loved ones but have to be subjected to this. Where is respect and honor? It's a good thing I was not near any of this as this grandma would get right in and yell right back to those animals and their disrespectful actions. I'd probably end up arrested and it would be worth it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my daughter! I stayed up so that I could call her just after midnight to be the first to wish her a happy birthday before she headed off to school this morning.

As I say to myself each year on her birthday, "I sure feel better today than I did ** years ago!" Dread the year that I felt better in labor than in the current year!

Have a great day Tami! Love you lots!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Evening With The Boys

My daughter's best friend from college days moved to the area a few months ago as her husband started a new job. They have two boys the ages of my granddaughters. My granddaughter is named Katya because of Katya.

Out of grad school, the two couples lived a few blocks from each other in Ann Arbor as Ian & Katya were working in the greater Detroit area law school at the U of Michigan brought my SIL and daughter to the area. The couples saw each other all the time and really enjoyed being near one another. They both had babies 3 months apart. When my SIL finished law school, they moved to Brooklyn and the families have not seen other but for very brief visits.

This summer will be great as they all will get to spend a lot of time together and the 4 kids can renew their friendships.

I'd told Katya and Ian that I would love to babysit when needed. They had not yet taken me up on my offer so earlier this week I emailed that I was free on Saturday night (which is the norm) and if they'd like a night out, I'd love to go over to be with the boys. She emailed back right away that they'd love it.

I had an email on Friday from Ian that the night before when putting his younger son to bed, Nik told him to tell me that he was excited that I was coming over the next night. Sure made my day! When I arrived on Saturday, I got the biggest bear hug from Nik.

The boys had been busy down in the playroom with empty moving boxes and cushions and I helped with the "fort" building. Then I went upstairs to make grilled cheese sandwiches and heat up tomato soup. After supper, we had frozen yoghurt and Nik and I made a cake and baked them in individual foil stars. They did not come out too pretty as it was hard to judge how much batter to fill each one with. They tasted fine though. We watched a little TV and Nik and I played Go Fish. Before we knew it, it was time for bed and bedtime stories.

A fun night spent with two bright, well mannered and very sweet boys. I told their parents to please call me whenever they need a night out or have a school meeting or whatever.

After being there a few hours, their dog even let me pat him. He's shy and not like my dog.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Tonight's big news on the local TV news is how our new governor wants to raise taxes and guess who will be the hardest hit? Yup, we in the middle class! I am not happy.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Woke this morning to the sun coming inside my Eastern bedroom window. That's New England. One day it's drizzly and freezing rain and the next it's sunny and 44 degrees (in the shade). That didn't make me want to get up though. My luxury on Sundays is to stay in bed reading - love it. Since I have a dog that is content to snooze in her crate, I can do that. I never bring her up to bed with me on Saturday nights as I want my read and snooze in bed Sunday morning.

Finished my book and got up to my day - starting laundry and make a big breakfast (or should I say lunch).

Everything is dripping outside. If I were younger, had more muscle and not afraid of going up the ladder, I'd be outside scrapping the roof and chipping away on the melting ice in the gutters. Since I am none of the above, I watch it drip and hope it doesn't come inside.

I gave a fleeting thought to hanging out my sheets and towels but the ice on the back side of the deck had a big influence on my deciding to use the dryer. I did go out and shovel the wet, very heavy remaining snow on the back of the deck. That's when I discovered the ice underneath it. Now the sun can melt it so maybe next weekend I can hang out. My mother hung out all winter long so it's what I'm used to.

I gave Liesel a barbecued marrow bone so that kept her amused for a few hours. Once she got all the meat off it, she left it on her mat. I'm sure she'll go back to it.

Hallmark channel has a "Murder She Wrote" marathon all weekend so I've had the kitchen TV on while I scrapbook.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Snow

Yes, we are getting another storm and it's a two parter again. First we are getting 3 - 6 inches of snow and then it'll turn to sleet, freezing rain and then rain into the second day.

Guess I'll be WFH again with my laptop.

I bet the moms and dads home with the kids will be pulling their hair out.

But, we're getting more snow on the weekend too.

Sure hope my roof doesn't cave in or leak and that the gutters don't either.

This is a winter for the record books here in CT.

Everyone get out tomorrow to buy the necessities - bread, milk and chocolate.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Unexpected Phone Call, Lunch & A Movie

This morning the phone woke me up and a forgotten voice was on the other end. One of my college friends was in the area for her grandson's hockey game and saw the name of my town and gave me a call from the car. She was only going to be in the area for two hours and I couldn't make it as I had plans for later in the AM. We talked for an hour and sorta caught up. What a nice surprise and way to start my day. Chatting with a college friend and my dog was curled up at my feet.

A friend and I met for lunch at her club. There is a deck outside of the dining room and large windows. While sitting at our table, we looked at the fire going in the stone fireplace or out the windows at what was taking place. There was a man out there with a chain saw and some small tools working on a huge clump of snow and making a sculpture. We left before it was done but think it was a bear.

Next was the movies to see "The King's Speech". One word for it - FANTASTIC! I encourage everyone to see it. Wonderful acting and beautiful scenery and costumes. I emailed my friend from London and she said that it was very accurate. I never knew that the King had a stuttering problem and what he went through.

Now I'm home after a haircut and grocery shopping and sitting at the kitchen table with my laptop and watching a movie on the kitchen TV.

Great day. Tomorrow I need to do my year end self-appraisal for work. HATE, HATE, HATE doing those. I've been way too busy to work on it at work so tomorrow is the day. Hopefully it won't take up too big a chunk of my afternoon.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scrappy Weekend

I finally got back to my Friday night scrapbooking and knowing it was coming got me through the week. Loading the car was challenging as my driveway is sheer ice. I'm quite afraid of ice as that's how I broke my elbow some years back.

Got home late that night and left all my bags in the trunk to unload the next day. I did not want to take any chances of falling.

After being out Friday night, the rest of my weekend was spent in fleece pj pants, turtleneck and sweatshirt. Lazy weekend with reading in bed each morning, cooking a big brunch and meals, scrapping and knitting while watching/listening to Hallmark station movies.

Of course the house desparetly needs cleaning but ... Liesel and I don't care. It's more fun to do what we want. She spent a lot of time on the floor by the heater vent sleeping, watching me or working on her dental chew toy. The life of a dog... Forgot that she has to go out in the bitter cold to go to the bathroom so that's not a good thing. It was down in the single digits during the night and we're due for a few bitterly cold days ahead.

Monday, January 17, 2011

You know you're in CT when...

You're waiting for the next winter storm to start and it hasn't been a week since the last one. The nice thing is that just about every other day is full sunshine and beautiful.

I do love winter as long as I don't have to be out on the roads during a snowstorm or freezing rain.

Hope I don't get leaks as we're getting 3 - 6 inches of snow which will then turn to freezing rain/ice and then plain rain.

I stopped at the grocery store late this afternoon and noticed break and milk in the passing carts. I went for the real staples - Greek yoghurt, grapes and CHOCOLATE.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day at the CT shore

Yesterday Liesel and I visited friends at the CT shore. It was a typical CT winter day with a sunny sky and deep white snow blanketing the ground, trees and buildings. Driving there was really nice looking out on the countryside listening to a book on tape.

Before lunch, Jill, Liesel and I went for a walk all around the Point. It was not cold or windy so it was really pleasant to be outside. Liesel trotted along ahead of us and every now and then, she'd look back just to check that I was there.

We had a good afternoon and early evening catching up on everything and seeing their digital pictures (shown on their TV) from their trip to Peru and the Galapagos Islands in November. Absolutely gorgeous and what an trip.

I did not want to be driving back late so the dog and I packed up after a delicious salmon dinner and headed home.

Good to see old friends and be back at my favorite area.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blizzard in CT

Well the weathermen (and women) got this one right. We heard about this storm starting last week and each day got more details.

I brought my laptop home last night from work as there was no way I was driving anywhere today. Smart move.

When I got up right after 7:00, my car was buried under a huge amount of snow. There was no way that I could have even moved it an inch as we had so much snow.

Opening the storm doors took a little muscle and then I went out to clear the steps and walk. After all, my dog has short legs and so I need to shovel for her. She bounced out the door and looked all around when she hit the walk. All she saw was a high wall of snow all around the walk and she was snowed inside that tunnel. I'm sure she was say, "Huh? Where did all this come from?"

I got plowed out right after lunch and did the necessary shoveling then so my two sets of steps are cleaned and is my deck and walk.

Tomorrow morning it's back to work so I'll have to get out of my plaid fleece pj pants, turtleneck and old sweatshirt.

It really is beautiful looking out the window and seeing the powdery snow. I love winter and snow. After all, I live in New England.