Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Friends Forever

Think back to college days and your friends/roommates. Many good times through living together, talking, listening, helping, quiet times, happy hours, wild times, adventures to Ft. Lauderdale during semester break (more wild times), boyfriends, break-ups with boyfriends, sharing thoughts, studying and then graduation hits.

Many of us go our separate ways and the years go by. We keep in touch but not as often as we should. Our lives change. I married first and my daughter was 10 when they each had a baby.

This past weekend the 3 of us spent time together in Saratoga Springs at one of our houses. It was like being back together when we lived in the college dorm and after college in an apartment when we were new to the work force. After I married, they continued to live together for a few years until one of them ventured off to the lures of Vail.

We were all together at my daughter's wedding 15 years ago but you know how that is. I was not able to spend time with them as I was kinda busy visiting with all the guests. The last time we were all together before that was probably in 1988 when their kids were 5 and 6 and mine was 16. We vowed this weekend that we will not let the years slip by and we will get together regularly. Claire will come to CT in January after the holidays and we'll spend time laughing and talking again.

When you have close friends, you pick right up where you left off - friends forever!