Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Natalia!

Tomorrow you are turning 9!

When your mom told me she was pregnant, I thought about it for a bit and said it would be really nice if the baby were a boy since she had a girl. Deep down though I was hoping for another girl. Of course the main thing was that the baby was healthly. You gave us all (and especially your mom) some concern but further tests showed that you were fine.

I was anxious to meet you and couldn't wait for you to be born. You were due a few days into January but were going to be born on December 26th. When you mom called me at work on Friday the 13th and told me she was in labor, the first thing out of my mouth was, "You can't be having a baby today as I have the week after Christmas off." Your mother told me that was too bad but you were on your way. The plan had been that I would bring your sister home with me after Christmas and keep her for the week so your mom could have you, come home and have alone time with you. You had other plans.

I was on pins and needles and watched the phone waiting for a call that you'd been born and all was well.

I packed up the car that night and Streusel and I were on the road around 6:00 AM the next morning. I think your father was surprised to see us so early. Your sister was sitting on the living room rug watching TV with a spilled yoghurt. I got her bathed and dressed, put Streusel in her crate and off we went later in the morning to meet you and see your mother.

You were just perfect!

Happy 9th birthday Little Boo!!!!


Grandma Streusel

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  1. She is one gorgeous little girl....and from Tamara's photo, I see she was a beautiful baby, too.


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